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France is the heart of world civilisation back in 1880’s era. It is the spirit guidance for most of the westerners.
BONCA mattress is projecting the elegancy of the historic Belle Époque (The Beautiful Era) with a touch of modern design. It is a premier mattress brand for the elite.
Inherited the spirit of French art and carrying the mission to create a perfect sleep, BONCA mattress was established in 2001 with the strength of classic manufacturing skills, eco-friendly resources and the exclusivity design for mattress sprung.
With the on-going research and development, BONCA has launched the patented technology –“Plus VII Zoned of Proper Spinal Support” in 2015, which offers various outcomes according to dedicated mattress collection, forming a more holistic satisfaction for comfort sleep.
BONCA mattress is then became the customer’s top-of- the-mind mattress brand, also the holy definition of prestigious sleep and a taste of sanctuary life....

Inherited the spirit of French art and the elegancy of the historic Belle Époque (The Beautiful Era), BONCA mattress is launched as a premier mattress brand for the elite.
The premier launched of “Four-Season Functional Mattress”, combining the cooling comfort natural silk and the warm & gentle pure wool.
Introduced the Europe No. 1 fabric brand – Bekaert Deslee from Belgium to Taiwan through an exclusive fabric cover selection on BONCA mattresses.
Launched of the innovative “One-Sided Technology: Never Turn” mattress design. With higher strength materials, there is no longer a need to flip or rotate the mattress hence no more worries on mattress care.
Undergo the stringent tests of quality assurance, BONCA mattress is officially recognised by the French Registration Board. It is the first mattress brand in Taiwan that registered and approved in France.
In collaboration with Bekaert Deslee, the probiotics fabric cover – “Actipro” is launched. It is added with 100% natural probiotics, effectively prevents the reproduction of allergens, dust mites and bacteria, providing you a more natural and safe sleep environment.
Revolutionary designed of 3D Mesh Fabric and Breathable Foam with more efficient moist transportation. A brand new logo identity in sapphire blue has been created to enhance its positioning.
Launched of the patented sleep technology – “Functional Pocket Sprung System” that perfectly synergises the density of both pocket and sprung, offered the optimal balance support for a perfect sleep.
Full penetration to the hospitality and premium nursing home industry in Taiwan. With the conglomerates partnership, BONCA mattress has presented a holistic service for numerous market segments.
Grounded by the philosophy to create perfect sleep through innovative sleep technology, BONCA mattress has patented several exclusive technologies including the “High-Resilience Supporting Sleep System” and proudly awarded as the “Excellence Quality of Taiwan Manufacturing” by the Chinese Entrepreneurship and Development Association.
Introduced the Europe fabric brand LAVA from Belgium to Taiwan through an exclusive fabric cover selection on BONCA mattresses.
To provide customers more comfortable and distinguished sleep experience with Yilan "HIVE HOTEL" .
Wu's ObGyn "Charity postpartum nursing center" Designated bed, provided an Mommy exceptionally comfortable rest and a good night's sleep.