FAQ > The Global Sleeping Habits
  • Taiwan

    According to the 2015 market research from Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine, 20% of the Taiwanese in average are suffering from sleeping issues due to extreme work pressure. Hence, they have started to pay more attention on the healthy sleep and wellbeing through their preferred choice of activities to destress and practicing mindfulness living.

  • Japan

    The society in Japan is highly advocates the virtues of modesty. Therefore, no one will be boasting about how hardworking and tired they are from work. However, lots of the fatigue issues are also accumulated from these cultural practice. On the other hand, the practice of napping in public (they called it “inemuri”) can be seen quite often in the society. It is a form of short break in between their working hour.

  • China

    Based on the research statistic in 2015, sleeping issues in China are gradually increased as compared to the previous year. More than 60% of the market are even shifted to late sleepers due to the rapid growth of the digital consumption.

  • Greece

    The Greeks are well-known for their slow-paced lifestyle and favour in wine tasting thus they frequently went to bed in tipsy condition. Another common characteristic of Greeks is their concern for afternoon nap. Most of the companies will shut down for a couple of hours in the middle of the day for their afternoon break in reflecting of their live life to the fullest living habit.

  • Germany

    It is a long duration of sleep in Germany. Generally, 70% of the adults need to sleep more than 7 hours a day. As for the kids who are 14 years old and below, they would need to sleep at 7.00pm (not later than 8.00pm). Their parent will normally swift off the bedroom light to create the perfect sleeping atmosphere when the time is arrived. 

  • Norway

    The summer is very cold in Norway but the sunshine keeps them happy and delightful. With such a weather (especially longer night time during winter), the people in Norway normally have a good sleeping habit and they are emphasising very much on mindfulness living.

  • England

    The British love to drink tea. Besides an English Breakfast Tea in the morning, most often they would have another cup of Red Tea or Chamomile in the afternoon and night. According to the market research from National Sleep Foundation, more than 40% of the British like to drink tea before bed, 30% prefer sleep in naked and the balance of them are having sleeping disorders.

  • Guatemala

    The Mayans believe that depression could leads to sleeping disorder. Same goes to the citizens in Guatemala, they also believe in this traditional perception and believe that the “worry-doll” from their legendary tale is able to cure insomnia. It is part of their tradition to place the “worry-doll” under their pillow, which they believe all the sorrows will be taken away.

  • United States of America

    Americans love their mattress as much as they love the steak – the bigger the better! Besides sleeping on a big bed, the Americans also love to watch television or use electronic gadgets on their bed. According to the survey poll from National Sleep Foundation, more than half of the Americans will normally watch an hour show either through their television or electronic gadgets on bed before sleep. 

  • México

    A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in 2013 found that 62% of the Mexicans will meditate or pray every night before they go to bed. In addition, there are 52% of the Mexicans would normally take a hot bath or shower before sleep. This is part of their daily routine.

  • State of Alaska

    At the northeast place of Alaska – Barrow, there is only daylight (up to 84 days) during the Summer Solstice. The people are used to sleep under the sun during that time.