6 Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly on Bed
What to do with insomnia? How to fall asleep quickly? Checkout some sleeping tips below.

1. Breathing – Conquer insomnia with the breathing techniques

If you are suffering from insomnia, you may overcome it by the “deep and slow” breathing technique.
Try it for a couple of times to relax and calm down your mind.

2. Food Consumption – Keep your body warm with a cup of hot milk or oat

You may also try to consume a cup of hot milk before sleep. Is possible, avoid the caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea.

However, if you are having acid reflux, try a cup of warm water instead.

3. Self-Comfort Method – Hug a bolster

Sometimes, we just need some extra comfort to regain the sense of security.
Try to hug a bolster or cover yourself with a warm blanket.

4. Books or Movies – Pick a boring book or movie

A new way of counting sheep! Just pick a slow-paced series or an uninterested book to bore you to sleep.

5. Exercise – Practice some random moves a couple of hours before sleep

Simple exercises before sleep is an effective solution for those who have suffered insomnia for a long time.
It could be a light jog, rope skipping, badminton, etc. but not too aggressive workouts.

6. Stay Away from 3C Products – Reduce the time on television or computer before sleep

It is proven by the researcher that the quality of sleep will be affected by digital consumption such as a long hour on television,
computer, or electronic gadgets. Try to reduce the time on digital consumption and you may feel the difference.