Belgium LAVA® Antibacterial Fabric Cover

The Belgium BEKAERT DESLEE® is a premium anti-microbial fabric with soft and gentle texture. The exquisite royal print on its surface enhances the overall aesthetic value with a taste of prestigious.

Convoluted Release Foam + Latexco®

Convoluted release foam is designed to evenly spread out the body weight pressure. With the multiple pin-holes at its bottom, heat can be transmitted out during sleep; The inner-layer of Latexco® is also naturally hypoallergenic, higher resilience and able to release the muscle tension at all sleeping positions.

Excellence Quality with Optimum Support

Thoughtfully designed with extra concern on optimum body support especially on the waist and lower back. Combining the premium touch of Natural Silk fabric cover, it offers a remarkable comfort level with the best temperature regulation throughout the four seasons.

5-Zone Pocket Sprung System

Ergonomically designed with five zoning (2.0mm sprung for the heavier part of body, 1.8mm for the head, feet and the lighter part, then wrapped by 2.4mm sprung as the guarding edge), increased the sleeping comfort with perfect posture alignment.

Highly Ventilated Breathable Fibre

Produced under the innovative 3D Technology, our Highly Ventilated Breathable Fibre is made from millions of pores that allow maximum air ventilation and ensuring you a dry comfort sleep across the four seasons.

Grand Deluxe Materials

With our grand deluxe surface material, there is no need to flip or turn your mattress. Not just having a greater comfort but at the same reduces partner disturbance during body movement.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress Height 31 - 34cm

Retail Price
3.5 x 6.2
106 x 188cm
5.0 x 6.2
152 x 188cm
6.0 x 6.2
182 x 188cm
Grand King
6.0 x 7.0
182 x 212cm