The Innovative Technology - TENCEL®

TENCEL® fabric cover is formed by unique fibres through innovative technology, offers the excellent moisture regulation effect so that your mattress will be maintained at the most refreshing condition.


3D Waved Foam + Temp Memory Foam

3D Waved Foam is designed to evenly spread out the body weight pressure with higher resiliency and adaptive to all sleeping positions. Added with another later of Temp Memory Foam, it gives you extra conforming support with temperature adjustment throughout the comfort sleep at night.


Top-graded craftsmanship + Supportive Foam

The combination of top-graded craftsmanship and supportive foam spread out the body weight pressure more evenly with extra ability in pressure relieving.


Honeycomb Pocket Sprung System

The honeycomb structure design minimises space gap in between the pocket sprung and increases the level of comfort support, firmness and elasticity.


Highly Ventilated Breathable Fibre

Produced under the innovative 3D Technology, our Highly Ventilated Breathable Fibre is made from millions of pores that allow maximum air ventilation and ensuring you a dry comfort sleep across the four seasons.


Grand Deluxe Materials

With our grand deluxe surface material, there is no need to flip or turn your mattress. Not just having a greater comfort but at the same reduces partner disturbance during body movement.


Mattress Firmness

Mattress Height 28 - 32cm

Retail Price
3.5 x 6.2
106 x 188cm
5.0 x 6.2
152 x 188cm
6.0 x 6.2
182 x 188cm
Grand King
6.0 x 7.0
182 x 212cm