Soft Comfort AG+ Fabric Cover

AG+ fabric is a high-performance fabric with natural antibacterial, static elimination and highly optimized moisture management technology. Hydrophilic properties absorb and dissipate moisture quickly, helping you manage your moisture at night and keep it from reducing odor.

3D Waved Foam

3D Waved Foam is designed to evenly spread out the body weight pressure with higher resiliency and adaptive to all sleeping positions. Hence offering you a chill night sleep.

Power Elastic Latex

Sleeping safe and sound with our environmentally friendly Power Elastic Latex. It is hypoallergenic in nature and equipped with millions of breathable pin-holes for powerful level of elasticity.

Micro Care® Pocketed Coil Titanium Pocket Sprung

Micro Care®Titanium Pocket Sprung is ergonomically designed with honeycomb structure, ensuring the optimum body support with firmer back care function and durable lifespan.

Grand Deluxe Materials

With our grand deluxe surface material, there is no need to flip or turn your mattress. Not just having a greater comfort but at the same time reduces partner disturbance over body movement.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress Height 27 - 29cm

Retail Price
3.5 x 6.2
106 x 188cm
5.0 x 6.2
152 x 188cm
6.0 x 6.2
182 x 188cm
Grand King
6.0 x 7.0
182 x 212cm