Belgium FEARAN ICE® Fabric Cover

The imported Belgium FERAN ICE® multifunctional fibre fabric regulates heat in the most efficient time, promptly adjusted to the optimal temperature according to your body heat. The classic print on its surface also symbolises the class of noble grace.

Double-layer Comfort Cotton

Our Double-layer Comfort Cotton perfectly conforms to your body contour just like sleeping on the stress-free and relaxing cloud.

Natural Latex with Charcoal Cotton

With the combination of Latexco® and Charcoal Cotton, your mattress will not only be maintained at the most refreshing condition but also providing you the most soothing and natural back support at all sleeping positions.

Natural Negative Ions

Consists of the natural negative ions that neutralise the excessive positive ions, improve the air quality through purification and put you into comfort sleep.

Sensible Pocket Sprung System

Our Sensible Sprung is specially designed with two different diameters (wider bottom), providing the best pressure absorbance and perfect support according to our body movement. It is ergonomically designed with the most balanced supporting system.

Highly Ventilated Breathable Fibre

Produced under the innovative 3D Technology, our Highly Ventilated Breathable Fibre is made from millions of pores that allow maximum air ventilation and ensuring you a dry comfort sleep across the four seasons.

Grand Deluxe Materials

With our grand deluxe surface material, there is no need to flip or turn your mattress. Not just having a greater comfort but at the same reduces partner disturbance during body movement.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress Height 32 - 36cm

Retail Price
3.5 x 6.2
106 x 188cm
5.0 x 6.2
152 x 188cm
6.0 x 6.2
182 x 188cm
Grand King
6.0 x 7.0
182 x 212cm